About the Organisation

Agnesh  Multipurpose  development  society   is   a   voluntary Organisation working for the empowerment of pOOT Cople, paFtlGM F$J villagers and backward community in rural areas  of Ananthasagaram  rnandal for the past 1 years. This Organisation was established by a  group  of  committed social workers in the year 2007 and has been taken up various developmental activities aimed to improve the living standards of its targeted beneficiaries  by  implementing  socio-economic,  educational  and environmental programmes.


Empowering the under-privileged women, children, youth, disabled and marginalized farmers by organizing, capacity building and collaborative actions


Restore human dignity of the disadvantaged population towards an inclusive society

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Awareness on Swacha Bharath prog

Our organisation conducted  awareness  camps  on  Swacha Bharath programme, a prestigious programme of Our Prime Minister at Pathallapalli village of Nellore district. We distributed  pamphlets  on Importance of cleanliness in villages.

Water & sanitation Programme

Our  organisation  conducted  awareness  camps  on importance of ground water and sanitation methods to be followed in Ananthsagaram village of Nellore district. We distributed pamphlets on Importance of Water. We constructed Drain canals for waste water

Welfare of Phpsicallp challenged

We conducted disabled welfare activities at Ananthasagaram  mandal headquarters and surrounding villages. We conducted a medical programme for blind people and distributed medicines to the blind arid physically handicapped people. We distributed tri-cycles to disabled persons. We conducted medical camps to mentally challenged children.

Vocation Tailoring Training Prog

Agnesh organized vocational training in Tailoring programme and in fashion designing in its targeted villages with the donation and trained poor women in the areas of Pathallapalli and Ananthasagaram villages, our organization trained 20 women beneficiaries and has achieved 100%  result during the training period. 

Welfare of pooc destitute wozoen

This Organisation has started conducting training in preparation of readymade garments, Handicrafts, stitching  of  different  dresses  and handicrafts to women beneficiaries during this year. This Organisation had necessary infrastructure to provide training to rural women bcneficiarics.

HIV/AIDS awareness programme

Our Organisation conducted training camps to 11 volunteers on AASA a programme on AIDS by the Government of Andhra Pradesh during November   and   December   2013.  We   trained   total   18  volunteers   in four

seminars on AIDS.

We attended  a  rally on AIDS  on  December  1St$   World  AIDS

day at Nellore.